About MYH Photography

Pictures captivate me.


The art of them, the stories they tell, the memories they evoke. I credit my mom for a love of travel and the camera in my hand.

I’m not sure when I discovered photography as my passion, maybe because it’s just been a natural part of my life. I’ve always had a camera. Didn’t everyone? But if I had to pinpoint the moment I was hooked, it would be the birth of our son. After a long struggle to have him, I wanted, needed to savor and remember every moment.

Oh, how I treasure those photos. My son doesn’t remember those moments, or many of the others I have captured through his toddler years. But when we sit down together and I show him the albums of our days and adventures together he is reminded of the love his family has for him, and I see he is captivated too.

Although a photograph can be beautiful, it is the people in the picture that make it special. I take care with every session to never forget how important this memory is for a family. I take it as such an honor and privilege to be able to take a picture of a baby or small child. I apply the same care to my client’s family that I would to my own, and I hope that comes through in every photo.

We truly have very few years to enjoy our young children. Newborns sprout into babies and toddlers, and before you know it, they are grown with families of their own.

Photographs freeze those moments in time, so we can look back and remember, relive and smile. What a joy for me to help you preserve these memories forever.

~Micelle Hallmark

Micelle Hallmark